The idea of Raw Love Films came as a result of our passion for telling stories.

We have always liked to travel and get to know new people and cultures and capture these memories so we never forget them. We are always on the move, at first each of us traveling on our own road and now as soulmates.

Individually, we have lived in many different countries of the world: Germany, UK, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Madrid and Barcelona.

But it wasn ́t until a trip to Colombia that our paths merged for good. Between palm trees, aguardiente and beaches, we decided to embark on a new adventure together.

We think that there is no better way to get to know someone than traveling 24/7, and we soon realized that we were not just going to be travel partners, but partners in the journey of life.

This is how our story began, our paths crossed to discover our passion. And it was in that moment when we realized that it was time to come back to our home city, San Sebastian. We love to be surrounded by beaches and nature and we believe there is no better workplace to develop our creativity.

Ever since we met, we’ve never stopped doing what makes us happy and we want to transmit that love and passion through each and every story that we tell.